On Faith and Religion

I know religion is a touchy subject, but, this is worth a read.


Religion has been one of the most polarising subjects known to man since the beginning of time. What is the true religion? Does it make logical sense to live your life based on faith? Is it possible to be moral without religion? Does God really exist? And if He does, why does humanity go through so much pain and suffering?


In my opinion, God does exist. Our concept of how He exists, however, is questionable at best. Different people, through their different faiths, have different ideas of who God is, where He dwells, how He works and the afterlife. I believe God is closer to you than you think. I also believe your faith/religion has absolutely no bearing on who God is, how He works or where He lives.


Let’s look at some questions:


1)   Why is there so much suffering in the world if God exists

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4 thoughts on “On Faith and Religion”

  1. Arguments are weak.
    “1) Why is there so much suffering in the world if God exists?
    Firstly, suffering in the world is not caused by God. It is caused by man. Why does God allow it to happen? He doesn’t. Man does.”

    Disease? Natural disasters? Birth defects? Starvation? Drought?

    Conclusion: Suffering occurs in the world regardless of man’s input. God either allows it to happen or there is no God.

  2. Why human need to alive in this world???
    what is the purpose of this life???
    have you ask this question???
    The answer is Almighty God create this worlds for something.. As Muslims, we believed,
    The first life is a test…everything that God create in this worlds had been set as a “test” to human being..whether they believe there have One and Only God or vice versa..
    Second, the life in the grave is a resting or waiting place before the Day of Judgment..
    The Day of Judgment brings about the clear understanding of what will now happen to the individual based on his own desires and actions..
    Third, The Permanent or Afterlife will either be spend in luxurious splendor or miserable punishment..
    Following this clear understanding of life, the Muslim’s purpose is clear.

  3. Catholicism is true, rest are man’s attempts to reach God because we all have a natural instinct towards religion and will create something to worship if the truth is hidden from us. Yes, this is not the politically correct answer the modern times require, but truth is often unpleasant. Anyone who has objectively assessed the credibility of the church without the myriad emotional and sentimental biases, will find it very difficulty to say that it does not have a huge fighting chance of actually being true. Give it a try, its the rarest of things.

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