Chasing after a man is not cool. Interrupting someone to ask what they are doing is not cool. Checking twitter feeds while on a date is not cool. Talking loudly on your cell phone is not cool. Eating with your mouth open is not cool. Leaving the toilet seat up is not cool. Smoking cigarettes is not cool. Long nails on a boy are not cool. Poor men are not cool. Clothes that are, too tight/too short, are not cool. Relaxing your hair is not cool anymore. Cell phones that ring your favorite pop song are pop cool. Calling a girl a whore is not cool. Cheating on a good woman/ man is not only not cool, it’s stupid. Faking an accent is not cool. Kissing and telling is not only not cool, it’s shady. Copying your friend’s personal style is not cool. Men making women split the bill is not cool. Bad grammar is not cool. Wearing too much makeup is not cool. Not handling your alcohol is not cool. Talking ill of your friends is not cool. Wearing cheap perfume is not cool. Wearing torn or wrinkled clothes is not cool. Staying when he treats you like scum is not cool. Dating a married man is not cool. Clubbing on a Saturday night is not cool. Bad breathe is not cool. Young teenage girls having sex is not cool. Peeing in the pool is not cool. Forwarded emails that say things like’ Forward this to 10 of your friends or bad shit will happen to you’ are not cool. Young girls getting raped in Dandora is not only not cool, it’s a painful reminder of being underprivileged in this country.

Quiet, vibrating cell phones are cool. Individuality is cool. Playing hard to get is cool. Sending her flowers to say sorry is cool. Calm collected men are not only cool, they are cultured. Knowing when to fold is cool. Telling the people we love how much they mean to us is cool.  Walking with a woman and not in front of her is cool. Intimate dinner over a bottle of bubbly on a Saturday night is cool. Being faithful to one person is not only cool, it’s sexy. Waxing your bikini area is sexy. A woman who knows her worth is cool. Men who open doors and give up seats are cool. Being polite is cool. Well tailored suits are cool. Women driving big masculine cars are cool. Understated confidence and slight arrogance is cool. Beautiful makeup free faces are cool. A man who can cook is cool. A man who drinks whiskey on the rocks is cool and sexy. A woman who prays is cool.  Smelling good and expensive is cool.  A classily dressed woman is cool and intriguing. Genuine happiness is cool and refreshing. A man who loves Jesus is not only cool, he’s sexy. Growing old with the man who loves you is cool and incredibly romantic. A low husky voice is cool. A girl who likes to read is cool. Being best friends with the person you love is not only cool, it’s beautiful. A big fat booty on a pretty face is cool.

Living your life believing that all men are inherently good is cool. Treating all people as you wish to be treated is cool. Respecting old people is cool.  Giving your own life the respect it deserves is the coolest of them all.

Couple smiles with their faces covered in coloured powder during Holi festival celebrations in Kuala Lumpur


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