Why I love my Nigga

  1. He is in love with God.


  2. His heart is made of gold.


  3. He is my rock.


  4. Ruth1; 16-17.


  5. He calls me right before he sleeps, then switches off his phone.


  6. Out of all of the beautiful, smart, amazing, wonderful women in the world, he chose me.


  7. He knows all my dark secrets, all my flaws and imperfections but still loves me. 


  8. He uses our secret words while in a room full of people, just to make me feel special.


  9. He works hard. Damn hard. And he is good at what he does.


  10. He loves everyone I love.


  11. He spoils me.


  12. He seeks and values my opinion.


  13. He buys the meat.


  14. He smells divine.


  15. He is thankful to be my man.


  16. We talk for hours.


  17. We make a great team.


  18. He still gives me butterflies.


  19. When he laughs, he laughs with his soul.


  20. He loves my kienyeji chicken.


  21. He buys me a gift after a fight.


  22. He gets jealous when I talk to other guys.


  23. Every 13th of the month.


  24. He gets me.


  25. He reads all my blogs.


  26. He tells me the truth, even when it hurts me.


  27. He makes me laugh.


  28. He is highly competitive and doesn’t just let me win.


  29. When I take a cab, he calls me till I safely get where I am going.


  30. He believes in the same God I believe in.


  31. He is my best friend.


  32. He loves my mother, who is my other best friend.


  33. Every once in a while, he buys me flowers.


  34. Sometimes, I feel he understands me more than I understand myself.


  35. He makes more money that I could ever spend.


  36. He teaches me to be a better daughter, better friend, better lover, and better woman.


  37. Because we’ve been tested.


  38. He is fun to be with. He shares my love for discovery.


  39. He loves the way I kiss him.


  40. Those long drives we take.


  41. He is an amazing lover.


  42. He is the complete opposite of me.


  43. He is more romantic than I am. Seriously.


  44. He hurts when I hurt.


  45. The way he says ‘ Gathoni’


  46. He has great taste and simple classy style.


  47. He loves to read. And he writes!!!


  48. He puts my wants and needs above his own.


  49. Every time he says ‘ My life is nothing without you’


  50. He’s is generous to a fault. He will go without just to help someone.


  51. He is the man of my dreams.


  52. He prays and fasts for me.


  53. He’s wicked Hot.


  54. He happens to be my biggest fan and worst critic.


  55. He calls and texts just because.


  56. He is my partner in all things good, bad, weird, different, private…. he is my partner.


  57. He cracks my back.


  58. He forgives me when I make mistakes.


  59. His loves me, even when I am being a bitch. He loves me.


  60. He makes my heart go wild.


  61. He is my…. He is my Superman


To be continued……..



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