Woman to woman

I’m actually glad that you were brave and bold enough to call my house. So that we can discuss this woman to woman, and try to work some of these things out. So we can compare notes on some dates and times and try to figure out some of his tired ass lies.

I’m actually glad to be hearing from the lips that left the lipstick on my man’s collar.  Even though he told me he was working late, to try and earn a couple of extra dollars. I loved and trusted him so his bullshit I would swallow, even though my intuition would never let me sleep.
So I guess the gaps in our relationship are where you thought you would fit in. Just an insecure woman chasing after a man who already got a woman. But your pussy is not deep enough for a real man to fall in love with, and this we already know because your skirt is so short that it already shows your best assets. See, there’s no point in trying to figure out what you’re thinking, after all, He is not fucking you for your mind.

And you’re still young at heart so you think this is real cute, telling your friends that he is cheating on me but he really wants you. But the reality is that we are nothing alike.
When he can’t deal with all of me, he goes to you to get me off his mind but it never works see. He gets really still as he lays in-between the sheets. That’s because he is tuning you out because he’s picturing me.

Because you put up with that shit I just won’t deal with because I am strong in who I am. And he loves that about me. It’s just that sometimes he just can’t stand the reality that he doesn’t deserve a woman like me. When he feels that way, well hell, that’s when he comes crawling to your dirty sheets. And just like a child you thought you would call me to share? Calling me to disclose to me the colour of my man’s underwear. You tell me like I don’t already know, hell, I bought them!!  Trying to tell me about how my man fucks, bitch, I taught him!
So why don’t you do me a favour, when he comes over tonight, and he’s Cumming and you Cumming and you both Cumming, at last just simply lean back his head and look him deep in his eyes and You’ll see me waving back at you. Ho!!



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