Stronger. Better. Wiser.

This is not a new years resolution blog post, it’s a ‘ I was here, i learned’ post.  It’s a healed wounds and stretch marks kinda blog.  2012 was a tough year for me. It challenged everything i knew and believed. It stretched me, it wounded me, it scared me and it taught me. Boy did it teach me.  Thank you 2012, you shaped me. In the same spirit, I will share lessons that i have learned and will practice in the years to come.

  1. Never chase dick – The shoes I wear don’t allow me to chase after a man.
  2. This too shall pass – even the hardest most painful situations pass. relax and let it be.
  3. Don’t make decisions when you’re angry, drunk or horny.
  4. Everything you post on the net is there forever. Seriously. someone saved that shit.
  5. Trust your friends when they tell you he isn’t worth it. They can see everything you refuse to.
  6. Persistence is a virtue but so is knowing when to fold.
  7. Be an individual. No one likes a groupie
  8. Sometimes, whiskey and a new pair of shoes is all you need.
  9. Throw useless shit away. Fuck sentimental value. If it reminds you of someone you don’t want to remember, transports you to a painful place, Trash it.
  10. Unless it’s mad, passionate, unexplainable, explosive, ‘I live for you’ sort of love, it’s not worth it. Love should be everything or nothing.
  11. Its better to live a life of ‘Oh well’s’ than that of ‘what if’s’.
  12. Get your shit together.
  13. Friendship should be relatively easy. Life should be relatively easy. If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong
  14. You do not have to like everyone in your family.
  15. Love, sex, friendship. They should always go together.
  16. Don’t feel bad for judging people. People will either love you or hate you. So make a new friend or tell that hypocrite to go fuck themselves.
  17. My business ain’t your business. So unless you’re my underwear, don’t be up my ass. Live and let live. To each their own, let people be.
  18. Get your grind on. Get hungry. Get proactive. Get started. Stop being scared. Stop swallowing your words, stop caring what people think. Before you’re 50 with a bad back and bad knees, before you lose your sense of humor… Fight. And love and dance and fuck and smile. Because, the older you get, the less you will. Live. Stop being such a goddamn pussy and just live.
  19. Forgive your enemy. But remember the little cunt’s name.
  20. Be the bigger person. When it’s over, walk out like the lady you are. desperation doesn’t look cute on anyone. Don’t fight, don’t even raise your voice for a man, fighting is for the basic whores.
  21. A guy who doesn’t hurt you and break your Heart? Friend zone him
  22. Money. Money is the root of all evil. Be wary of placing too much or too little value on things. Always make more money than you spend. Pay everyone else before you pay yourself and remember, pay cash when you can.
  23. Frenemies are never worth it. If you are not friends, don’t be.
  24. Drunk texts can be dangerously revealing. Trust a drunk to tell the truth.
  25. A woman must practice her Mask. Her intentions, thoughts and feelings must never be predictable.
  26. Be the one who receives the last text. Don’t be the looser who sends the last text.
  27. You ain’t no hollaback girl. Don’t let anyone disrespect you.
  28. Intelligence. Good looks. Emotional stability. Pick two.
  29. Learn about science and math and politics and religion. Don’t just quote people in conversations. Wise up and form your own opinions. Nothing as annoying as a dumb brood
  30. Experiment with drugs –  I am not saying that you get hooked on cocaine or Moroccan gold, but for heaven’s sake, smoke a little pot, drink alcohol. your parents did it!
  31. NEVER EVER Pay for Porn
  32. Always look good. Smell nice, keep your hair done, nails shiny. Always. Don’t have bad day clothes. Shop to look good. All the times.
  33. Don’t like your life without orgasms. You have  hands, learn how to use them.
  34. Never stop learning. Remember, only the dead have seen the end of war.



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