Of Sex and Power

We all know her, that middle level manager who sleeps with the boss and thinks she can boss everyone around because she has a foot up every female in the organization. She probably started of manning the reception area, slept her way to PA, to a desk and now has a small number of people working under her. She is probably smart as fuck, extremely beautiful and charismatic. The number of women who have used their pussy to get ahead in the work place is shocking. No one wants to admit it, but research from The Center For Work-life policy shows  that sleeping with their boss does help women climb several notches up the corporate ladder. The research found that 34% of executive women claim they know a female colleague who has had an affair with the boss. Furthermore, 15% of women at the director level or above admitted to having affairs themselves. And worse, 37% claim the action was rewarded: they said that women involved in affairs received a career boost as a result.

In 2009, Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi’s wife Veronica Lario wrote an open letter condemning her husband for his choice of young inexperienced candidates to represent his party. And in France, young female ministers picked by Nicolas Sarkozy go by the name ‘ Sarkozettes’. It seems everyone is doing it, its almost fashionable. Women are no longer apologetic about being viewed as the fairer sex. Women have been taught to use what they have to get what they want. Sleeping with the boss is an extreme form of tying yourself with the right person to make progress. A lot of women seek mentors in powerful people, most times by using sexual favours.

But, why are women sleeping with their married bosses. We all know that men dont marry the women they have affairs with, they dont respect them enough. We also know that a man gains his reputation in the same way a woman looses hers. Yet, women are still screwing for power and money. Lets explore some reasons why, in my opinion, a woman would sleep with her boss.

  • Power is the greatest aphrodisiac,no one can urgue with that, and i completly understand an ambitious woman trying to align herself with a powerful man. Women are attracted to power. I am attracted to power. Power excites women.
  • Men achieve status by what they do, while women achieve status by who they’re with. Being married to a powerful man bestows the highest status – being the girlfriend is second-highest. But being the mistress has its own unique panache, intensified by its forbidden fruit dynamic. Being desired by a powerful man gives a woman certain bragging rights – even if she can’t go public with her relationship. She feels special.
  • Women are flattered by the attention of  powerful figures – It’s intoxicating to have a powerful man pay special attention to you. There is no better feeling that being a powerful mans poison. Nothing.
  • Women want intimacy and trade sex to get it; men want sex and trade intimacy to get it. This isn’t a bad system, all other things being equal. But when the man is the boss and the woman his employee, all things aren’t equal.
  • Thousands of years of human history provide the back story to today’s workplace affairs.  Throughout history – and today – most women marry up in terms of class, money, age, and status, while most men marry down. It’s part of our collective unconscious – it’s been going on for ages.

So, what makes a woman choose to sleep with her boss? I don’t have a one-size-fits-all answer for this, a woman’s reasons are as complex as she is. Live your life little tricks but remember, success is not sexually transmitted.

Only God can judge



3 thoughts on “Of Sex and Power”

  1. Tell human resources. Don’t give up! Wouldn’t you look down on a woman who caved in ended up sleeping with her pig like boss? Don’t you have a boyfriend? Tell him and don’t cheat on him.

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