Money or the Box

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. Actually, we were hating on another girlfriend who claims her husband calls her all day, writes mushy messages, gives her a 10k Gold ring each year ( 10k is the most basic gold, so it fades after a few years, thus the new ring, right? ). She tells everyone of the jogoo she has in the house, you know, she wikas at least 4 times a week and well, some women might envy her. But not my friend and i, we had a different way of looking at it.

See men are not that different from each other, we ( my friend and i) categorize them into two; Rich men and poor men. There are very few men who strike it rich after the age of 35. If he has’nt made it by that age, unless he wins with Safaricom, he will end up poor. In a few years time, he will be that old grey haired man in the matatu complaining that the music is too loud. That bitter old man who resents his wife for giving him 4 kids because he cant afford to take care of them.

I know that some women, especially the ones married to poor men, urgue that rich men dont respect their women. I beg to differ. A poor man will ofcourse treat you better than a rich man, he has nothing to do with his time other than call you and remind you how much he loves you. He is not thinking of striking that deal or cracking that strategy. He is always home for dinner, because he can hardly afford to feed you and the kids, how will he afford alcohol? Plus i dont think there are matatus in the bus terminus after 10pm.

The rich man has no time to call and text you. He is busy making sure your kids go to St Andrews Turi and your Kshs 20,000 gateman in Karen is paid. I dont know about you but i would rather be out buying  Louboutins than hearing the same ‘I love you’ that i heard an hour earlier. The rich man works hard all day, he is tired at the end of day and if he wants to passby the club for a relaxing game of golf, let him. If he hits a hole in one, isnt he allowed to drink it down with his friends. Poor men are not attentive, they are simply bored, they have nothing else to do with their time than dot on you. Rich men dont love you anyless because they dont spend the whole day thinking about you and really, a woman who wants a man to call her 10 times a day is immature and needs to pop another baby to keep her busy.

While at it, lets also trash the myth that rich men cheat. ALL men cheat. Marrying a poor man doesn’t cushion you from infidelity.  The poor man will cheat with the house girl you pay. The rich man will cheat with the PA he pays. I don’t want to buy my husband’s pussy. If he wants it, let him pay for it.

Ladies, lets get this straight. When we are looking to marry, we look for the man who connects with our souls, we look for a friend we can build a life with, a man who will make a good role model to our kids, who will aspire them to be better. A man you can be secure with, financially, sexually, emotionally. A man who loves and respects us. When we are dating, both men, poor or rich, will exhibit this. We dont know if he is going to change until he does. The rich man may remain faithful, the poor man may not. Or vise versa.

Marriage is a risk and we never fully know what we are getting into until we are in it. I dont hate poor men, though i thank God for not bringing any my way. Choose your life partner carefully. Remember that Marriage is designed to be a life long commitment, you dont want to be the woman who rethinks her choice of husbands every 3 years.

My advice is, seek to marry a man who will fear you enough not to let you know when he sleeps around. A man who respects you enough not to ever hit you or shout at you in public. A man who will keep you free from disease. A man who will do all he can to ensure he gives his family the best life can offer.  A man who loves you more than you could possibly love him, who understands that you are the best thing that ever happened to him.

The bible tells us in Matthew 7:7 ” Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” . With such a gurantee from God, ask him for a rich man and he will take care of the details.







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