Love Stages

Relationships have the same brand pack.
Scary in the beginning, sad in the end. It’s the in-between that make them
special and worth it. I got thinking about the love process. How do you know if
it’s worth the in-betweens? When do you learn to trust your significant other
with not only your company but with your heart?
Do any of us ever really know our partners? Would you protect them with
your life? If you were ever at the perfect spot in your life, a place where all
your dreams come true and you wanted for nothing, is your partner the one
standing next to you?

Step 1; Presence

  • Acknowledging that this person
    exists and are in the market. You decide to be available and to toss yourself
    into the jungle.

Step 2; Relevance

  • Establish that you are both
    single and ready to mingle?  Are you in
    the same league? Just by looking at them, do they fit into what you would want?

Step 3; Performance

  • First date. Is there a
    connection. Is it effortless? Does it feel like home? Do you want to talk to
    this person forever? It has been urged that men know within the first hour of
    meeting a woman if they will marry her and women know within the first 15
    minutes of a date if they will sleep with a man.  This is the chemistry stage. You either have
    it or you don’t.

Stage 4; Advantage

  • Several dates, a kiss or two, a
    few months later. This is going well. You have found yourself a friend. This
    person makes your blues go away. You love the curve on his face when he laughs.
    You look forward to seeing her after a long day. You really like this person.

This is when the doubts and the games kick in. You need
to know if they are in it for you, if they would fight for you until they win. Time
to sift the wheat from the chaff.  Don’t
be scared to ring the alarm and put your person to the test. If they fail you,
thank God they did it when they did. If they pass, give them your heart.

Mother nature will lend a helping hand here. She will throw in
huddles and obstacles. She will bring in that woman who claims she is dating
your man, she will bring back that ex boyfriend that your girlfriend never got
over. Life will test you and if your relationship can survive this stage, then
solder on, you have met your match.

Stage 5; Bonding

  • After all has been said and
    done, you now know the love you love the most. The one person you want to be
    exclusive with. You trust this person with your life and you now know that
    given a choice, they would still choose you.  You see God and all the good things in this
    person. You know them by heart and you are proud to be a reflection of them

come in all forms. There are those that remain new and exotic, those that are
old, familiar and safe.  There are those
that answer all your questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected,
those that take you back to where you started, and those that renew your
senses. But the most exciting, challenging and significant of all is the one
you have with yourself. Find someone who loves the you you love, then sit back
and let life take you through the love stages till you meet your bonding

Just saying


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