With a tear in my eyes

It is with a very  heavy heart that I announce the closure of Teremity. Its been 10 months and 64 posts.  When I started this blog, I warned that I would be brutally honest and I have been. Thank you for sharing this intimate journey with me. Through Teremity, you have seen me love, hate, breakdown, bitch up, remember, fight to forget, laugh, cry, struggle to come to terms. You have seen me live. I will miss the frantic phone calls and chats asking when I will blog next, I will miss reading your comments, I will miss the little fights when someone assumed I had written about them, I will miss the big fights with the people I did write about.  I will miss this little community that was Teremity.

To the girls I bitched about, I hope I helped you change and grow. To the boys I got angry with, well, I am certain you will never scorn a writer again. To the King I wrote love and hate letters to, only you and I, my love,  know why.

Goodbye and good luck




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